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• 5 Page Custom Website
• eCommerce Integration
• Advanced SEO
• Brand Identity Narrative
• Marketing Opportunity Reports
• Secure Hosting & Maintenance

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The services included in this package represent a $12,050 annual value.
Kickstart your digital marketing program with our fully integrated platform.


Differentiate your brand with the right building blocks to grow your business.


Leverage powerful workflows tailored for your brand that scale along with you.


Generate more leads and grow your brand via impactful digital marketing.


Accelerate your growth with these powerful digital marketing add-ons.

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Logo & Brand Package
We understand the power & importance of good brand management. Everything your company does, owns & produces should be a direct reflection of your brand identity.

This reflection begins with your brand signature – brand logo, wordmark, color choices & typography.

Our Logo & Brand Package builds on your company awareness with potential customers.

We get to know you & your customers, so our branding team understands how to position your brand with consistency & impact.

The MAGI provide a team of talented logo design & brand development experts, who can help you strategically communicate your brand to your market.

Additional Web Pages
We design websites from single-page product funnels through advanced platforms requiring deep page hierarchies. It is the nature of your message that defines the size of the canvas needed.

During the included Brand Identity Narrative service, we’ll determine the number of website pages needed for an optimal customer journey.

Most of our clients don’t require more than five ‘message-focused’ webpages to convert their customers, but when your story needs it we can add more pages to help inform, engage & inspire action.

Website Copywriting
Good copywriters know your target audience well & use exact language that best translates benefits of products & services to your audience.

You need to convey a powerful story to visitors while also attracting the attention of search engine spiders that index your site.

However, search engine algorithms are constantly changing, so our team keeps up with those changes to optimize our clients’ content.

Work with a MAGI specialist one-on-one to craft creative & compelling copy that exudes your brand’s personality & converts visitors to paying customers.

Visual information carries most of what we retain. Relevant images average 94% more total views than content without images, so having good marketing photos is more important than ever before.

Photos add instant recognition & credibility that makes for memorable stories. Most customers have little imagination, so if you can visualize your message you bring your story to life.

The MAGI offer you a very talented photographic team with four decades of professional experience.

From photo research to photographic imaging, our team of photographic experts know the importance of what an image conveys & how it empowers your communication.

Graphic Design
We use visual design throughout our work to increase the impact of our client’s messages. Visualizing your ideas make them much more memorable.

Good graphic design is a powerful way to communicate who you are, what you do & why it’s important.

We use world-class designers to support your communication, brand & marketing objectives.

Part of our digital marketing expertise is the sophisticated use of graphics to help you lead customers down a sales pipeline with strong brand identity, illustrations, lead-generating PDF’s & sleek infographics that encourage viral sharing & more.

The MAGI designers help you strengthen your communications, marketing & brand through carefully crafted graphic design.

We see a massive shift taking place towards video content. Viewers connect to video in ways unparalleled by other forms of content. Its ability to both get attention & emotional responses are why video is the perfect tool to get your audience to take action.

All the stats show that video has much higher engagement & is shared a lot more. Video can double your website’s ‘on-page’ time, increase email click-through rates by 200-300%, plus more than 60% of customers are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video about it.

The MAGI video production unit has been creating engaging videos for many years. We develop videos from concept to completion, designed for your website, blog articles, advertisements & viral social media campaigns so you can tap into this rich marketing opportunity.

If you want to pull your viewers in, connect with them emotionally & get them to take the next step, the MAGI video production team knows how to develop video content that will have a direct impact on your bottom line.

Note: Combine Videos with our Social Media Campaigns service to broadcast recurring, highly-engaging evergreen content.

Full Marketing Strategy
A comprehensive marketing strategy provides successful businesses a clear path to meet their targets.

A well-designed strategy is the glue that makes all the pieces fit & work well to achieve your marketing, financial & sales objectives.

The MAGI can bring resources normally available only to Fortune 500 companies into your plan for growth.

Our consulting group provides a comprehensive analysis of market opportunities, competitive threats & have developed specialized marketing techniques for an optimal growth strategy.

With a full marketing strategy, the MAGI can help you reduce your customer acquisition costs – the most important metric for any business.

Email Marketing
You may have heard the marketing phrase “the money is in your email list”. This is absolutely true & we strongly encourage the practice of using technology to build your email list.

Building an email list of pre-qualified prospects creates powerful sales opportunities, affording you the ability to save on ad spend by reaching customers & potentials with permission-based messages directly in their inbox.

Through scheduled emails, autoresponders, drip campaigns & automated workflows, the MAGI build you an email marketing infrastructure to optimally funnel prospects & remarket past customers.

Email Marketing is not only highly-targeted but is easily shareable, measurable & cost effective, all while increasing your brand awareness.

Sales Funnels
Sales Funnels though new, are a proven method to generate rapid growth for many businesses. Used to amplify urgency, sales funnels can often create exponential growth seemingly overnight.

A sales funnel takes a prospective customer through a sequential series of ideas that lead them to a point of action.

They succeed through a deep understanding of buyer psychology & a proven formula for viral social selling.

We build branded sales funnels for your website & integrate industry-leading tools to ensure your funnels are operating at peak performance.

The MAGI track your campaign success & tweak where necessary, keeping you informed about the success of this amazing new sales technique.

Social Media Marketing
The social media feeds of your customers are constantly flowing with new content. This leaves infrequent posters at a major disadvantage of getting lost in the noise.

Producing content frequently makes you more likely to appear at the top of your customers feed & if you’re delivering good quality content, quickly increase your influence.

The reason people shy away from social media is the substantial amount of time it requires to manage various social channels & create good content.

The MAGI creates separate schedules for each social profile with time specific posting, recycling popular legacy posts so you can grow your audience & stay on top of your content game.

With this service we reduce your social media labor costs while increasing your influence.

Reputation Management
Protecting your brand’s reputation is critical to long-term success in this social media age.

Unfortunately, bad news travels very fast today, leaving your business vulnerable to widespread negative perception by potential customers when a critical review appears.

A swift response is required to stop this snowball before it does irreparable damage to your brand.

Our Reputation Management service not only monitors any online mentions of your company or products affording the opportunity to deal with objections before they become problems, but also monitors your top competitor for sales opportunities & business intelligence.

We provide tailored reports direct to your inbox, so you can maintain control over your brand’s reputation online.

Advertising is an art of influence, is essential to brand development & to the conversion of viewers into clients & customers.

Digital media has expanded advertising well beyond traditional channels & can empower marketing plans with sophisticated methods that reach & persuade very targeted markets.

We help you differentiate your brand from competitors while providing a distinctive voice & agile deployment of ads based on key metrics that help you truly stand out.

The MAGI have four decades of experience in advertising to help you stand tall.

We make use of artful persuasion & advanced marketing technologies to help you target new potential customers with what they want when they want it.

Our campaign management approach allows for agile course correction. We continuously monitor your campaigns’ progress to ensure it’s providing the desired results.

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