Local Business Video Marketing

Businesses everywhere are taking advantage of the incredible leverage branded videos provide. Are you?

A Great Return On Investment

In the world of marketing, nothing beats video.

There’s no need to wonder about the benefits of video marketing for business. Consumers are eager to watch videos, and videos can be highly effective branding or selling tools. Creating video assets can pay for itself in significant ways – by converting more customers, earning more leads and reinforcing other marketing campaigns.

Video content is set to grow and grow in the years ahead. Half of internet users say they search for videos related to a product or service before visiting a brick and mortar store. Video content on social media generates 1200% more shares than text content and image content combined. Modifying your strategy and investing in video will therefore only pay bigger dividends.

Increased Sales

Those who use videos grow revenue 49% faster than those who don’t.

Better Conversion

Landing pages with videos increase conversions 80%.

Email Marketing

Videos in emails increase click-through rates 200-300%.

Social Engagement

Followers and subscribers are more likely to share powerful videos.

Brand Trust

Your brand can build trust and loyalty with the human touch of video.

Organic Ranking

Videos embedded in your content will help it outrank competitors’ pages.

“We saw an immediate increase in sales.”

Video triggers action. It’s a powerful tool in your marketing toolbox. Companies employ videos everywhere these days to great effect – for prolonged campaigns or short-term promotions.

Video is very versatile. By using it on your website, social media channels like Facebook and YouTube, as well as in your direct marketing, you multiply the impact of your marketing efforts.

Bring your message to life with video and increase your sales.

The Versatility of Video

Embed your video on your website

Upload your video to YouTube

Upload your video to Facebook natively

Showcase your video in your office

Include your video in email signatures

Send your video to potential clients

Choosing Your Style of Video

The video styles you see below are suitable for all types of businesses. Here are a few examples of promo videos from different sectors. While you are running your business, these videos work behind the scenes attracting new customers 24/7. If you prefer any particular video style please reference it during your consultation.

Promoting Trade Services

In the trades, your abilities need to shine through. Whether you are an architect, contractor, electrician, plumber, carpenter, HVAC installer, roofer, etc., our marketing videos for trade services are designed to attract, engage, and convert prospects into clients.

This example video profiles a home builder. People looking for skilled trades want to know what you can do and what your results look like. These videos do a great job of explaining to buyers why you are who they are looking for.

Our trade videos can generate qualified prospects by helping them appreciate your skills and abilities, and then connect them directly to you.

Promoting Real Estate

The common need of all real-estate businesses is communicating how the right space can improve your life. Whether you’re a broker, agent, stager, interior decorator, engineer or architect, our real-estate videos are designed to attract, engage, and convert prospects into clients.

This example video profiles how real-estate professionals can use video marketing to boost their sales. High performance agents are now using video to free up time for hot leads, while automatically generating qualified prospects. By helping them visualize the house, they’ll reach out to you.

Promoting Health Services

Health Services are all about helping people – whether you are a doctor, surgeon, specialist, or in complimentary health services. Our marketing videos for health professionals are designed to attract, engage, and convert prospects into clients.

This example video profiles how a health professional uses video to grow their practice. People looking for health services want to get timely information about how your services can help with their issues. Nothing does this better than video.

Promoting Professional Services

Professional Services solve problems. Whether your field is legal, accounting or consulting this video style compliments professional practices. Our marketing videos for professional service firms are designed to attract, engage, and convert more clients.

This example video profiles how legal professionals can use it to grow their practice. People looking for legal services want to get timely information about how your services can help them with their issues. These videos generate qualified prospects, by helping them understand how you can help.

Promoting A Local Business

Successful local businesses are discovering that video content enables them to use new marketing channels to grow their local clientele. More and more, local shops are being introduced to customers online. Our small business videos are designed to attract, engage, and convert prospects into customers.

This example video profiles how a coffee shop can use video to boost their sales. These videos generate buzz for your business by helping prospects visualize what you have to offer, and where they can find you.

Promoting A Hospitality Business

Hospitality businesses need to showcase the comfort and pleasure they can offer. Whether you’re a Bed & Breakfast, Hotel or Resort, our hospitality videos are designed to attract, engage, and convert prospects into guests.

This example video profiles how a Bed & Breakfast can use video to increase bookings. Successful B&B’s are now using video to showcase facilities and unique local adventures. Videos do a great job of explaining why your B&B should be their home away from home. Our videos generate qualified leads by promoting your unique experience 24/7 online.

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